Death Metal Music in Vancouver

Alright everyone, let's do this info thing! We said we had a lot to say but let's try to keep this within our attention spans.    First, the sadness. Our friend and founding member Jason Boom Barret has decided to step down from the band. We will miss him as a member but will always remain a brother to us. We Welcome Noah Reinheimer to fill in guitars with his fantastic hairyness.  With all this also comes a name change, which was a pain in the ass, but we are now.... Unbeheld!!!  Peep the new logo out there too, music and shows!! Our first show back at The Wolf was so much fun with Pyramidion and Neon Terror!!! Now we got a few more lined up for the new year and all the details for these shows are on our Shows Page or better yet on our Facebook. So stoked to be back and honoured to be playing with some fucking amazing bands! We're finalizing a 3 track EP that will be available at any of the upcoming shows plus t-shirts and other merch. We're stoked to finally bring you some recorded tunes and we definitely have plans for more.


Check out our set at Captains Cabin

We had a cool opportunity to play at a cool little place called Captains Cabin, located in Mission, B.C. Thanks to everyone who made the trek out!

Shirts and Merch

Merch will be available at the upcoming shows. Shirts for $15 and for $20 you will also get n EP, sticker, patch, pins and print of our awesome Unbeheld demon art (featured on the cover of our EP).

UNBEHELD formally known as Damn The Eyes