We have recently gone through a bunch of changes including losing our friend and founding member Jason (Boom) Barrett who has decided to step down from the band to be with his family. We will miss him as a member but will always remain a brother to us. Former vocalist Joey has also stepped down from his role in 2013 to move back to his home town of Prince Edward Island. But with change comes new chapters including welcoming Noah Reinheimer from Neon Terror to fill in on guitar with his fantastic hairyness. We are also stoked to have Christina Christie design our artwork for our new name Unbeheld. Sometime in 2010 the idea of starting a heavy metal band crossed Jason (Boom) Berrett's mind. Boom moved from Charlottetown PEI a few years prior and was planning on starting fresh bringing with him only his guitar skills and lengthy vinyl collection. Shortly after arriving to Maple Ridge Boom met Israel (Izzy) Langlais (who was a wee little 18 year old French boy, barley speaking a word of English at the time) Boom decided to befriend the kid. Izzy had also just moved from out of province. To Boom's surprise he learned that the Izzy played drums and asked him if he wanted to start a band together. Izzy was brought up on a tiny town in Quebec called Albanel, 6 hours outside of Montreal where he had little to do other than play drums, attend School & church. One day a friend of Izzy’s showed him a Youtube video of Mayhem and after watching the video he was hooked on Black Metal immersing himself with black metal music. Abanal is a hugely Catholic community and when Izzy’s mother learned that Izzy was becoming influenced by Satanic black metal music she sent him packing which landed him into Maple Ridge to live with his father who accepted his influences. With Booms extensive knowledge on pre, post and current metal genres he shared his record collection with Izzy and together they began jamming for a few months. Izzy's dream of starting a band was a strong as Boom's desire to create music and for the months to come Izzy pushed for the band to develop by inviting their their local friend’s Joey, Jason White & Kyle Zennojo to play in the band. Boom wrote most of the guitar & bass riffs while also playing lead guitar, White on bass, Kyle on guitar & Joey on vocals. They settled on Damn the Eyes for their band name and before they knew it they were playing in venues around the Tri-city and in Vancouver.  In late 2014 the band who had been formally known as Damn the Eyes decided that with the loss of 2 band mates they would change their name to be UNBEHELD. Now needing a new vocalist they turned to current lead guitarist Kyle who took the role on with full force by writing and practicing Death Growl vocals. Noah second on Guitar has a wide range of sounds that influence his style which often relate to grind core and doom metal. White has remained true to his unique bass sound influenced by a colourful range of musical genres and also being the second oldest member to join the group. The talented Izzy on Drums is the back bone of the band and current founding member of the band stemming his sound heavily from black metal.